Made by Julie is a French sparkling wine created by Julie Rispal, who spent 15 years working with one of the top wine merchants in Bordeaux. She was disappointed in the ever-increasing prices of champagne and a lack of quality in sparkling wine competitors. She created Made by Julie to bridge the gap between the fine taste and effervescence of Champagne with a price tag closer to a Prosecco. Each 750 ml clear glass bottle of this sparkling white wine is made using Made by Julie’s unique bottling process to ensure a glass full of beautiful, pearling bubbles just like your favorite high-end champagne. A bold, graphic black and gold label adds to the high-end appeal.

On popping open the cork, a shower of fine bubbles rises and pops, exactly the kind of fun and fizz we want from a sparkling wine! The aroma of the wine is fresh and sour, and hints at a refreshing glass ahead. The taste delivers on what the scent promises! Although this wine has an 11% ABV, we thought it overall had a sweet, juicy grape taste. It would be easy to forget we were drinking alcohol at all! Made by Julie is crisp and flavorful, with the typical “bitterness” and sourness of wine only coming through after a few sips. This sparkling wine was delicious on its own for those who like a fine, fruity sparkling wine with lots of bubbles.

We could also see the sweet and refined flavor being an excellent mixer for some bubbly cocktails! Made by Julie said they set out to bridge the gap between the sophisticated flavors of champagne and the affordability of Prosecco, and we think they’ve succeeded! This sparkling wine felt just as special and delicious as a glass of champagne, and at a much lower price point (which we think makes it a great choice for entertaining!)


MARCH 2020



Julie Rispal created this fizz to bridge the gap between Prosecco and increasingly expensive Champagnes. Fresh notes of pear, peach, green apple and lemon deliver freshness, acidity and fruit with a soft finish. A blend of 60% Chardonnay, 25% Semillon and 15% Ugni Blanc. GH Alc 11%


Oz Clarke,
Three Wine Men

Made by Julie, NV
Pale, fruity, dry white bubbles mixed with a splash of vermouth makes for a heavenly summer refresher.